Biggs & Featherbelle is a health conscious company that promotes the healing elements of Mother Nature by creating body care products free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and additives. Quality ingredients and research are infused in every handmade Biggs & Featherbelle product. Enjoy!

Biggs & Featherbelle soap gift sets


Been training day and night to run in that St. Patty’s day parade? Spent too many nights slumped over that laptop? Winter blues got you down? Whatever it is that has left your body and mind feeling less than centered, don’t forget to pick up a jar of our prized Muscle Soak for optimum restoration. A best seller for B & F since it’s creation several years ago, Muscle Soak is just what the doctor ordered for your sore limbs and tired noggin.  Dead Sea and Epsom salts are carefully combined with spicy ginger to revitalize and stimulate even the most worn out of bathers, while lavender, clary sage, and marjoram essential oils are the perfect medley to work away at the tension and soreness that has left you less than limber. Lastly, we have added a little green alfalfa powder to give your skin the vitamins and minerals it needs to get back on track.



"I have sensitive skin and have been grabbing up natural soaps where ever I can find them for years...trying to find something that is natural and soft on me. I found you in wegmans. I am amazed at how my skin looks and feels. The soaps are fantastic, and the soaks are even better. My skin is happy-- not screaming at me red and itching. I am sharing my experience with everyone I know. Thank you thank you!"