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City Paper

Best of Baltimore 2007


"In the personal list of dirty little secrets we don't say in our out-loud voice is the preference for Kim songs over Thurston songs, favoring instant mashed potatoes over the real thing, and an addiction to pretty-smelling body and face soaps that borders on fetish. Local sisters Kelly and Kasey Evick started their health-conscious body-care line in 2003, turning out lip balms, body butter bars, belly balm, and bath soaks, but it's their handmade soaps that really lather our loofahs. Sporting perhaps too-precious names such as "Bar-lesque" and "Granola Bar," Biggs and Featherbelle's soaps nevertheless are luscious treats for bathers who like to make their skin feel good while making showering a treat for the nose, too. We probably have an unhealthy need for the Polar Bar--with its tingly avocado and olive oils and nose-tickling peppermint--and we reserve the macadamia nut and almond oil with cocoa butter and goat's milk Goodie Bar only for special occasions. These bars come pakaged in totally cute polka-dot cardboard wraps that we--don't tell--keep after we've finished with the soap in the medicine cabinet just to smell whenever we need a little "me" time."