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"I have sensitive skin and have been grabbing up natural soaps where ever I can find them for years...trying to find something that is natural and soft on me. I found you in wegmans. I am amazed at how my skin looks and feels. The soaps are fantastic, and the soaks are even better. My skin is happy-- not screaming at me red and itching. I am sharing my experience with everyone I know. Thank you thank you!"

"Hello, my name is Tracy from Columbia, MD. I just love your whipped Shea Butter also bath salts. Actually I use the bath salts as a shower scrub and it leaves my skin so soft!!! I just love your products. I will continue to use them!!! Don't change a thing. They are awesome"
-Tracy, Columbia, MD

"I got a free sample from my mother of your Barbados and Barlesque. I have seen a dramatic difference to my face... I am almost 99% acne free. Being a teacher it is embarrassing to have as many pimples as my high school students. Adult acne can be cruel. I use either soap JUST ONCE A DAY and over one month there has been a crazy improvement. I don't even know how to thank you."

"My name is Tera and I live in Evans, Ga, and I am a devoted wife and mother! I came across your Bath Soak products in EarthFare in GA and I am 100% addicted to the smell and comfort it brings me during my daily bath! I do not have many outlets in my life, but do afford myself a daily bath and now it is almost as if I am visiting an upscale spa on a daily basis. I walk in to Earth Fare to specifically buy your product so I hope you send more, as many times they are out of what I am looking for. Last night, I actually bought the last 2 containers of Bath soaks on the self. :( - - I believe I will now opt to order online since now I have take the time to visit your site. Hope you do special sales or coupons as your business grows. I wish you success and blessings going into 2014! - - Thanks you for your product it really makes me feel comfort. :) - - Hope you open stores in the future. - - Blessing from Evans, GA."
-Tera, Evans, GA

"I LOVE your Soul Kiss lip balm. I am very sensitive to a lot of products that are not natural. This is the best lip balm I have ever used. I need to buy one to leave in my car and work bag."

"I absolutely love your soaps! I first came across your product at Wegmans in Northborough MA, and have been using them for a few months now. I love craft soaps and have not used "brand name" soaps in years. Your soaps are by far the best I have tried to date. I have eczema and your product does not cause me any type of irritation and actually has helped to stop some of the itching and leaves my skin feeling softer than ever. I prefer the exfoliating soaps over any other but I have tried almost every type and scent you have! Thank you for providing an amazing product at a reasonable price. I will definitely be a regular customer!"

"I got a free sample from my mother of your Barbados and Barlesque. I have seen a dramatic difference to my face... I am almost 99% acne free. Being a teacher it is embarrassing to have as many pimples as my high school students. Adult acne can be cruel. I use either soap JUST ONCE A DAY and over one month there has been a crazy improvement. I don't even know how to thank you."

"My name is Tera and I live in Evans, Ga, and I am a devoted wife and mother! I came across your Bath Soak products in EarthFare in GA and I am 100% addicted to the smell and comfort it brings me during my daily bath! I do not have many outlets in my life, but do afford myself a daily bath and now it is almost as if I am visiting an upscale spa on a daily basis. I walk in to Earth Fare to specifically buy your product so I hope you send more, as many times they are out of what I am looking for. Last night, I actually bought the last 2 containers of Bath soaks on the self. :( - - I believe I will now opt to order online since now I have take the time to visit your site. Hope you do special sales or coupons as your business grows. I wish you success and blessings going into 2014! - - Thanks you for your product it really makes me feel comfort. :) - - Hope you open stores in the future. - - Blessing from Evans, GA."
-Tera, Evans, GA

"I recieved a Bark-Bar for christmas and it lasted for 6weeks. That makes using this l high quality natural soap equal to the cost of using mass produced chemical soaps. Just a couple of rolls in your wash cloth and you have enough lather for a whole shower! Soap can't possibly get much better."
-James S.

"I just tried your lemon bar and im in love, i dont think ill use anything else ever( or ill just try your other bars) They're AMAZING. my face feels so soft..."

"I AM IN LOVE with the handmade soaps! I happened to be in Earth Fare one day and purchased 2 bars. I used it that same night and I felt so clean afterward. I have recommended the soap to my best friend and she agrees it is the best thing since sliced bread!! Thank you ladies for creating such an awesome product!"

"On a recent trip home to Maryland, I picked the Body Scrub in Mint. I live in San Diego, and the Whole Foods doesn't carry your products, and they should! It's amazing! I love it so much, placing an order and patiently wait for its arrival to San Diego! The scrub rocks!"
-Catherine K.

"I LOVE your soaps! The only problem is deciding which ones to buy. I love that you do not test on animals! Good job."

"The barchouli is my favorite soap ever! It smells so good and I can actually use it on my body and face. This is saying something because my skin is super sensitive. Thanks!"
- Ali

"Love these soaps. One for my face... one for my body and just bought one for my mom, who loves them too. I get mine at Roots in Clarksville, MD and they're the only soaps that actually leave my whole body soft and clean smelling. Before I found these I used glycerine soaps that never really cleaned or left my skin super soft like these. Love them nothing better out there."
- Ejip

"Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!!! I used your belly balm religiously throughout my pregnancy and I didn't get any stretch marks. I am a small girl (130lbs) and gained 40lbs during the pregnancy, giving birth to a 9lb baby. All my friends and midwives were so astonished that I didn't even get 1 stretch mark. Thank you for making such an amazing product. Baby #2 is on the way and I can't wait to use it again!"
- Shelly

"My wife sufferred from severe eczema on her legs and ankles. After various organic skins products and dermatologist visits we stumbled across Biggs and Featherbelle at shop in Raleigh, N.C.. After her first bath my wife stop complaining about the itching and the ezcema begin to fade away thanks to the Oatmeal Soothing Soak and Lotion. I Thank God that someone makes a product that actually works I pray that God continues too bless you all in all that you do much love from Durham,N.C."
- Jamar, Durham, N.C.

"I have always been a faithful Biggs and Featherbelle user since I discovered their products about 4 years ago. Now, I am 35 weeks pregnant with twin boys and have used the Belly Balm from the beginning of the pregnancy and still no stretch marks!!!! I\'ve gone through 7 tubs and they were worth every penny. My stomach has stretched to 50 inches and no lines. Plus, the Belly Balm keeps my skin smooth and free of itching. Thank you for making such great products!"
- Adrienne, Miami, Florida

"I received 2 of the soap sets for Christmas and began using them that night. I am in LOVE with "Granola Bar" it exfoliates perfectly and my skin has never been softer since using the products!"
- Michelle

"I bought a few bars of soap at the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair, intending to give them as Xmas gifts. But the aromas are all so intoxicating, I couldn't decide which to give and which to keep, so I'm keeping them all. I love the scents so much I have the bag of unused bars next to my bed!"
- Penelope

"The lavender blemish soap has literally saved my face. I have tried every product on the market for acne and sensitive skin and have been very unsuccessful. This has been the only product to really repair the damage! Being from the south, where natural products aren't as readily available, its so wonderful to have access to biggs and featherbelle online to make magic happen! Thank y'all so much for your creations!"
- Rachael

"While on vacation in Asheville, NC, my husband found your Barlesque soap. That chance purchase has turned into an obsession! We love your soaps & Body Butter Bars and regularly stock up on your products. I am ordering more soap today because my husband is in a panic without his Barlesque soap!"
- Rebecca

"I am obsessed with the Salty Bean Scrub. It is the best body scrub I have ever used. I have my boyfriend addicted to it now too! Our skin has never been so soft or so smooth. I can't wait to try the other scrubs and soaps. So happy I found your products. Thanks!"
- Lauren

"I bought a few of your products at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago last year. I am super jazzed about how they work, smell, and look! My boyfriend & I LOVE the body butter bars for massage and the shower/bath scrubs are out of this world... I'll keep buying Biggs & Featherbelle but you have inspired me to whip up a few of my own home-grown creations. Thank you & keep up the good work!"
- Kristen

"Hi, - - this is to say that your soaps are simply wonderful. The smell stays till the last tiny bit - - is used up.I often just grab and smell them , they kind of lift up my spirits.also they do good things to your skin. My back pimples reduced considerably on using the tee tree oil soap."
- Sarmistha

"My girlfriend made the switch to SLS-free soap a few years ago after realizing that it was causing her all kinds of skin irritation. She was always looking for new soaps at craft shows and farmers markets and such but I remember distinctly when she stumbled onto B&F. I really liked the smell of Barlesque and told her to keep getting more of it. I didn't use it but I liked when she did. - - - - One day, after she had just showered and subsequently filled the bathroom Barlesqueness, I had to give it a whirl. I was stuck in the dark ages at the time, using whatever liquid garbage caught my eye at the grocery store. The first time I rinsed off after using this magical bar, I was struck by how much better my skin felt. Most liquid soaps leave an artificial layer of moisture that, at least to me, just feels slimy. With Barlesque, my skin felt totally clean but not dried out. - - - - Within a few uses I was hooked. What I didn\'t know is how amazing the scent of real lavender is I had only smelled the noxious potpourri that big companies refer to as "lavender". I was shocked and how spicy and downright manly it is. There is nothing "girly" about this scent. Needless to say, one sniff of the (in my opinion, ironically named) Momma Bar and I was certain I would never go back to my old ways."
- Frank

"I Love your products!!! I do not even want to think about a day that does not start with a shower in my Barlesque soap. Your soap leaves a person feeling so pampered and smelling great. I also use your soap in my lingerie drawer it leaves your personal items smelling great. Thank you people need something in their lives that leave them feeling special!!"
- Debbie, New Jersey

"I 1st experienced your products by way of a gift set from my mother. I used every drop of all of the wonderful products. I received my new order today. And I could not wait to dive into them. Your products are so wonderful. Thank You!"
-Danielle, Maryland

"Finding quality eco-friendly products is easy these days. Finding ones that really work, smell delish, and have charismatic women running the show is harder to do. Kelly and Kasey: THANK YOU for creating such thoughtful, wonderful products! I know my Butter Bar wont be my last purchase from Biggs & Featherbelle and I'll be telling ALL of my friends!"
-Roxanne, Pittsburgh, PA

"WOW! I purchased the two of your soaps and a body butter bar at a little boutique in Latrobe, PA called G Squared. I am such a sucker for enticing packaging and natural products, so it was love at first sight. Now...I have to say that every night when I get home from work (i waitress), I look so forward to my shower. The soap makes my skin so soft and leaves the bathroom (and me) smelling wonderful....and the body butter is phenomenal. My skin looks and feels wonderful. I had no idea you carried more than the soap and body butter, so I will be placing a very large order soon!! Thank you for these products! xo"
-Vanessa, Pittsburgh PA

"I received your bath soak as part of a gift basket set. I've been using it every night to help with relaxation. Not only does my skin feel wonderful, but I'm also sleeping much better. Thanks!"
-Veronica, Maryland

"I am in love with your soap & the body butter bars! The smells are great & my skins thanks you. My husband loves it too, so I am back for more!"

"Love these soaps, and so do our legions of customers. They have become a Farmhouse Store staple. People travel from all over to buy your amazing products. So glad to have you with us."
-Ed, The Farmhouse Store, Westfield, NJ

"yes yes yes. i received a gift about 6 months ago from one of my bestfriends from your sensiful filled shop and loveddd it so much i got my husband to start using your products. so now we each have our own special stashes of soap, lip balm, bath soaks, bath salts...i'm so glad i dont have to share anymore! the packaging is by the way sooo amazing! i love the personal touch everything really has. i even had to blog about it today! aaaaaahhhhh!"
-Tya & Kenneth Anthony, Baltimore

"I received my Body Butter Bar & Bath Soak as an extra goodie in my sock of the month kit. I immediately tried the Body Butter Bar and fell in love with it. I am not a lotion person and I just love the convenience of the bar. Its easy to use and no mess or waste. Thanks for such a wonderful product!"

"Ahhh… my aching msucles are addicted to your Muscle Soak!! After a long run, there's nothing like it for a relaxing recovery. So gllad my friend persuaded me to pick it up at Crafty Bastards! Thanks!"

"I purchased your surgary nut scrub at this year's Artscape and I just used it. It is WONDERFUL! I love the way it make my skin feel. I will definately be purchasing more items from your line."

"I did the DC Craft Mafia show with you ladies and decided to pick myself up a Beach Bar. This soap is wonderful. I have extremely dry skin and this soap makes it almost non-existent. It smells wonderful too. I highly recommend that you buy from these ladies! "
-Stefanie-Trashed Clothing-NJ

"I'm so glad I found you… I first found out about you by way of a shower favor I got with your soap and lip balm and after that I was hooked! Your Handle Bar helps keep my face clear from blemishes and the Goodie Bar helps keep the rest of me soft and smooth. I'm really excited to try the Holly Bar (which I now have TWO of b/c of a shipping glitch which you rectified with a gift!!) I can't thank you enough! Please keep it up, you are angel."
-JBCO, Bradley Beach, NJ

"Close your eyes and picture your typical New York woman: intellectual, neurotic, doesn't sleep, reads too much, thinks too much, does too much. This New York woman met the ladies of Biggs & Featherbelle at the BUST Holiday Craftacular. She finally found the socially conscious remedy she's been looking for after dodging every chain from Broadway to York Avenue. Try the Momma bar and a touch of the Muscle Soak, and you'll find Zen in your own bathtub. You two are the best. You keep it personal, and you helped me find what I was always looking for."
-Jessie, NY

"I met the sisters at the Wholefoods in Philadelphia giving out samples of their products. I love the soap and the butter bar. It makes my face feel soft and cool. I want to say thank you so much."
- Karen, PA

"I have enjoyed your soap. It has made my body feel extra special and my skin very soft. I love to feel refreshed after each bath. I will continue to use your soap. My daughter gave me my first experience with a birthday gift from her hair salon.
Thank you so much!!!"
- Debriss

"I bought some soap at the Charm City Craft Mafia show. I've never been happier with a bar of soap! Usually Dove is the only bar I can use, because all of the others leave my skin feeling randomly slick. I LOVE the barlesque soap and the handle bar. I usually spend so much money on face products hoping for something to clear my clogged pores, BUY THIS BAR!!!! It is the best face soap I've EVER gotten, and I already convinced two of my friends to buy it as well. HOORAY FOR BIGGS AND FEATHERBELLE!!"
- Christina

"I suffer acne from my face, back and shoulders. I've started using your soap about a month now. My skin has never looked or felt better. Fewer blemishes and my pores even look smaller. My skin has never been smooth before using this product. Thank you."
- Melissa

"My best friend, Melissa, bought me the beach bar and i love it. So I decided to try some of your other soaps and they are all equally as wonderful!!! My skin feels so soft and smooth after I use them. I just ordered some soap for my neighbors for Christmas and I know that they will be back for more. Thank You for making such a wonderful product!!!!"
- Dani, MD

"Your products are amazing! I love your soap. My pregnant wife's belly looks great at eight months thanks to your balm. And, my dog discovered a gift bag of body butter this Xmas, which he found delicious. His fur has never been so soft! Good work!"
- Darryl, NJ

"I gave my office colleagues your soaps as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them. Thanks for making my Christmas shopping so easy."
- Nicole

"Okay, so the products are fantastic. They're all nature, smell great and a blast to use. Add in some fresh, unique packaging and you've got some of the most terrific products out there in terms of health and body care. Top it all off with first-class service and you've got it all :-) Thanks for the terrific products… keep them coming."
- Larry, PA

"My husband and I love the lavendar body butter. It is soothing and refreshing. I also love your soaps. The granola bar is great. May you have continued success. I'm a loyal customer."
- Sally

"Used your products and had to get some more…I plan to use some of it as gifts but I may not share…Luv…Luv…Luv your products…Keep on keepin' on…"

"I bought two of your bath soaks at a local yoga studio. I've just run out. Used these to their full advantage and found them irresistable. Great essential oil smells, great product. Look forward to purchasing more very soon. Thanks."
- Wendy

"My mother had just gone through hip surgery, and the body butter bars helped her relax. Plus, they are working great to make her scar tissue disappear. Thanks ladies, you came to a son's rescue!"
- Joel, IL

"I Love, love, love (did I mention love?) these products! Even before opening the box, I am smiling because I can smell my surprise inside those cute little boxes. The body butter bars make my hands feel and smell wonderful! I can't say enough great things about Biggs & Featherbelle!"
- E. Bolling, TN

"These are wonderful products! The owners are very hands on with great customer service. I really enjoyed the Knotty Body Butter Bars and the Oatmeal Bar soap. I will definetly order again."
- Kelley Kirsch, PA

"I have to tell you how GREAT the soaps are … I'm not kidding or embellishing in ANY way! They are really, REALLY terrific. ESPECIALLY the citrus one.I forget what it's called … but anyway, they are not just lather-ee but bubble-ee. My skin is SOOOOOOO soft. You are ON to something — great job!"
- Sonja Kinzer, MD

"Handle Bar is the best facial soap I have ever used. My face has never felt so clean and smooth and it has done wonders for acne and blemishes. All of Biggs & Featherbelle soaps make me feel so clean and leave no residue. Brilliant product! The packaging is awesome too!"
- Laura Jaworski, NJ

"I've been using your soaps for a few years now and really love them, but today took the cake!! My toddler decided to cover herself, Braveheart style, in my very very red lipstick right before I was due to pick my older daughter up from school! I threw her in the shower and started scrubbing with my makeup remover, which made more of a mess, and then decided to grab the Baby Bar soap that I'd just bought (for the first time!). Lo and behold, the soap took the lipstick off of her face, her hair, the tub, and even the carpet that she'd got a huge glob into!! (minus the "ground zero" spot where the worst of it was). Your soap is doubly awesome now!! Yay!! Thank you so, so much for making such wonderful smelling, eco-conscious, local, lipstick removing soap!!"
-Erin B

"The spa, where I work as a massage therapist, offers the body butter bars as an upgrade for their massage. I have enjoyed using them so much, not only for their most rich scent that envelopes the room but also has great glide for a massage swedish or deep. I think my clients buy them because they see my enthusiasm when I show the bars to them. I know what I'll be getting all my friends and family for gifts. I'm addicted! My daughter says the body butter bars are my 'thing'."

"My husband saw a brochure at a truck stop in Jessup, MD. He came home and showed me the brochure and decided to place an order. He has very sensitive skin and don't like heavily perfumed soaps. His favorite soap is the Koala Bar. My face is oily and I love Handle Bar and the Bargarita for my face. Handle Bar works wonders on two keloid scars I have on my chest as a result of an insect bite back in 2003. I had them removed and they ended up coming back bigger than before. I've been to plastic surgeons and dermatologists. They pretty much told me I was stuck with them for life. Long story short, after using Handle Bar (for cleansing) and Beach Bar (for exfoliation) since July 24, 2015, I see a big difference in the appearance of the keloids. The skins is much softer and smoother., as well as getting lighter. Before using the soaps by Biggs and Featherbelle, the keloids were very irritating and they itched like you wouldn\'t believe! The shipping was very fast, as I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My husband and I made up our minds that we are sticking with Biggs and featherbelle. Thankfully we won\'t have to place an order for awhile, because we ordered 17 bars of soaps from all four categories! I commend Biggs and Featherbelle for a job done exceedingly well. Keep up the good work and may your business continue to prosper."

"My 15 year old daughter has very oily skin and acne. We have tried so many different products and nothing has seemed to work. We found your product at Earth Fare and decided to try the face soap for blemishes. My daughter has been using the bar for about 2 weeks now and she just came to me and said "Mom, I think that soap is working, my face is not oily and I have noticed that my bumps are going away" with a smile on her face! I wished I had found you guys years ago, thank you for a wonderful and natural product to help her."
-Kellie, Liberty, S.C.

"I found your bath salt soaks in Whole Foods and decided to try the Muscle aches one. I\'m halfway through my first pregnancy, and after a day at work, I groan at moving at all. There's an ache in every muscle. Dumped some of this in the bath, light some candles, and relaxed for awhile...and not only did my muscles feel absolutely perfect and pain free after, but I actually felt MORE energized! I can't believe how well it worked, it's become a pregnancy mainstay for me now, and I can't wait to try out your belly balm!"

"I love your Koala Bar! When I saw it in Whole Foods over the winter, I knew I was going to buy it once the weather warmed up. Eucalyptus is a natural mosquito repellant. I have only been bit by one mosquito this summer. Usually, I get eaten alive the moment I step outside. I can't wait to switch from my "summer soap" to something else for winter as I get really bad dry skin once things turn cold. Thank you for your wonderful products!"

"I discovered your body scrub at Wegmans in Hunt Valley. What a find! This is the most wonderful product that I have used since I can remember. After showering, I use the body scrub (lime and sea salt). It leaves my entire body smooth and so very moisturized. No other moisturizer is needed. My skin smells wonderful and feels sooooooo good. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I look forward to trying other products in your line."
-Lisa E., Cockeysville, MD

"My name is Sandra and I live in Florida, and I am expecting my first baby. My sister who lives in Baltimore, Maryland, bought me BELLY BALM and I LOVE IT. I tried some other products at the beginning of my pregnancy, but when I tried your, I got rid of all others. Not only it feels nice on my body, softens it, but it also smells wonderful! I am almost done with the first jar, and I am definitely buying another one."

"I have used the Tiki Bar soap and the Sweet Citrus and Sugar Body scrub. I love both of them. They keep my skin very smooth and moisturized. I have give your soaps and body scrub as gifts. I just love them and the way they smell. You have a customer for life."

"Thank you ladies so much for your wonderful products! You were at the Wegmans in Bel Air in October this year. You brought along a body butter that I asked for! I am so happy with this product! I've already bought other products from the wegmans store and will be ordering more body butter online too!"

"I first found out about your soap while deployed to Kuwait, first it was the Tequila Bar then the Beach Bar. All I can say is GREAT JOB. I hope you guys don't get to big and change anything,your company is awesome with great products! Keeping Soldiers happy one bar at a time."

"I just love you guys and your products so much! I first met you at a handmade product fair in Pittsburgh and I fell in love with your soaps. I have never used any other soaps since then! Over time I tried more and more of your wonderful products and gradually became just as obsessed with them as with the soaps! The coffee body scrub is wonderful and the Ylang Ylang and Patchouli body butter is the answer to dry skin that I have been searching for my entire life!!! Every time i have bought from you in person you have both been such a pleasure and it is my delight to support such wonderful people and products. Please stay in business forever and I hope you continue to grow your fabulous product line! THANK YOU for doing what you do!"
-Sally B., Brooklyn, NY

"I received the Mind Soak as a gift. I usually take showers in the morning, and decided to put a little in the shower to use as an aromatherapy. I have to tell you that the aromas in Mind Soak worked better than coffee. I felt awake and clear before my usual morning cup. That never happens! I am a fan and will be ordering more today. Thank you from Tampa!"
-Liu S.

"Love your products and your brand -- quirky and cute at the same time. Your soaps always make the best gifts for friends and family. I will look forward to trying any new beauty products that your company is to craft in the future."

"For a while, I have been using the lemon bar, and I liked it. But I wanted to try something different. In this case, the tequila bar. I love, love, LOVE it. My skin feels so good after using it, and my skin looks great. I used it on my face (I could never find a good facial soap), and it did not break my face out nor did it tighten my skin. It's like a miracle because skin is extremely sensitive. I love your products: most are vegan, you don't test on animals, and most importantly, they are made out of natural ingredients. I am so happy to support this business. The next bar I will try...is the bardot! So excited! I'm going to try them all (all the vegan ones :) )!"

"this stuff is AWESOME. ! :)"

"I had started hunting for an organic soap to use on my beard, as I have heard it is the best thing to use. I tried a few different brands, with some success, and then stumbled upon your soap. I abandoned any further search, and my old liquid body "soap." I have used nothing but your soap for my beard and body with great results. Your product is amazing, I do sincerely hope you never stop making it. I currently use your Bark blend and I love it. I plan to try your other soaps as well. Thank you so much."

"While on a trip to D.C and far from home[Texas] my skin became very dry and itchy. Not knowing whether it the climate or something in the hotel, I went in search of something to put on my legs and arms to get some relief. I was given one of your Body Butter Bars to see if it would work. I put it on my very dry legs and with in minutes the itching and dryness was gone. I put it on my arms with same results before i knew it i had applied it all over. IT WORKS IT REALLY DOES. What a great product. "

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I bought your Soul Kiss lip balm at the Silver Spring craft market in May. It is fantastic, better than anything I've tried, including natural lip balms like Burt's Bees and the bad stuff that's supposed to work, like Carmex. With your lip balm, I'm not reapplying all the time. Thanks so much."
-Susmita, Maryland

"I heard rave reviews about your products and I finally broke down and placed an order. I was skeptical, but now I am in love. The body butter bars are literally to die for and I don't think I can ever use anything else. I am also in love with the goodie bar and granola soap, thanks so much for great quality products!"

"Very creative! A friend has Granola Bar and swears its the best soap ever, and let me try some - I love it too! Keep up the good work!"

"I ordered a bunch of 3-pack sets to give to people at my wedding. They will make great gifts for our harpist, hair dresser and others working to help make the day special. They arrived very quickly and were personalized with our wedding colors and each box has a note to thank the recipient. Kelly and Kasey - thank you!Thank you! Thank you! You never let me down!"
-Bridget, Maryland

"I bought some soaps from you at the Renegade craft fair in Chicago last year and I'm in love! The heels of my feet have always been embarassing to me because they were so rough and dry. I started using the Granola Bar and immediately noticed the difference. Your products have given me results I've been searching for for years. I'm looking forward to getting some new sandals this summer, all thanks to you!"

"My daughter and I found your soap at Roots in Olney. I used it while we were moving my daughter into her new apartment in Montreal, where she is attending McGill University. During the two weeks I was there, my skin felt better than it has in a very long time. We could not remember where we bought the soap until my husband and I returned to the Roots in Olney and I rediscovered it! We live in Frederick, Maryland and would love to be able to find your products here. I will be shipping 6 bars up to my daughter so she won't run out! Thank you for the great soap."

"A good friend of mine bought me the Bar-lamint trio for Christmas. I'm loving it already, and I've only used them for a day. My lips feel so much softer and I love the smell of the soap its very invigorating! :) I'm happy my friend brought me into the world of Biggs and Featherbelle. I'm sure I'll be coming back for more when I run out! And I'll be definitely telling my family and friends about you guys! Happy Holidays!"

"My first experience using your products was during a massage I received while on vacation at Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri. Apparently, they carry and use all of your products and I was blown away by the body butter bar that was used on me during the massage. I was given the rest to take home and just finished it up recently. This led me to look up your web-site, and I am ready to place my first order. I cannot wait for my products to arrive! I simply LOVED this body butter bar - it is so much nicer as a solid which warms and melts, rather than the traditional body butters I was used to using!"

"Your body butter bars are the only thing that has ever worked to smooth the rough, saggy skin on my legs. I'm 32, and have had this kind of skin since day one, but this bar just firms up my skin and adds a smooth, soft glow. It just melts on contact-I love it! Thanks!"

"When I got pregnant, I began looking for body care products that were all natural, to reduce my and my baby's exposure to chemicals. The bright and cheery packaging instantly drew me to the Biggs & Featherbelle soaps. Of course, I chose the Momma Bar first! I now include a Momma Bar in every gift package that I make for my expecting girlfriends."

"I just received my Barbados soap yesterday, and I couldn't be more thrilled with my purchase! Not only did the soap come quickly and look lovely, there was also the wonderful surprise of a handwritten note included with the soap. Showering this morning was an absolute pleasure, and I am delighted to discover that my skin still smells faintly of oranges even hours later. I can definitely say that I will not be buying soap from anywhere else in the future, because I love these too much already. Thanks for a wonderful product!"
- Brittany

"I took advantage of your economic stimulus sale & finally placed my 1st order. I'm due in May with our second child and this pregnancy has had my skin dry beyond belief. I've tried everything but nothing has worked until now. I got your adzuki bean scrub, body butter bar and the belly balm. My skin feels incredible - softer, smoother and just plain old pampered. I don't know why it took me so long to order but I'm glad I did. I'm hooked!"

"The Handle Bar has solved all of my problems in terms of my acne! I used to have to use a toner, cleanser and moisturizer to try to get my acne under control, even though I still broke out every so often. The worse problem, however, was that my face would flake and itch terribly in the morning after I washed it, and by the evening I would have shiny, oily spots where I had to moisturize to control the flakiness! I thought I would just have to live with it, but since using the Handle Bar I am no longer itchy, or oily, and my acne is slowly clearing up!! Yay, I finally don't have to think about my face:)"

"I bought a few soaps at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago last fall and fell in love with your soaps!!! I just received a very fragrant package from the gals today. I am so impressed with the fast shipping a even a personalized had written "Thanks". I tell everyone I know about your soaps and as a product junkie I am one to impress. Handle Bar has completely changed my skin!! I am in my mid twenties and struggle with dry skin and large pores and can never find something that balances my occasional flare ups and flakey skin!! Thank You! P.S. Granola bar is amazing!!! and thanks for the sample in my shipment."
-Erin, Chicago

"I purchased your soaps and bath salts at Artscape in MD. And I love the products. They are so light and smell wonderful. We have a jet tub and the smell permeates throughout the upstairs. It is like we walked into a spa. I love the way I feel after the bath. I am sold on the Biggs and Featherbelle products."
- Geri

"I am a soapmaker myself and usually don't flip for other people's soaps. I got a sample of the Handle Bar and used it because the ingredients are so good. My goodness, I will never use another soap on my face. My skin is clear and nourished, this soap is amazing."

"I like your soaps a lot i haven't tried them all yet i am working on it. it's hard when my favorites moma bar and goodie bar.your eskimo lip balm is wonderful i don't have to use it as often as in a comcerial brand.
thank you girls keep up the good work."
- Cathy, MD

"Comments: While on a trip to D.C and far from home[Texas] my skin became very dry and itchy. Not knowing whether it the climate or something in the hotel, I went in search of something to put on my legs and arms to get some relief. I was given one of your Body Butter Bars to see if it would work. I put it on my very dry legs and with in minutes the itching and dryness was gone. i put it on my arms with same results before i knew it i had applied it all over. IT WORKS IT REALLY DOES. what a great product."
- Rick

"I'm French and in France, ther's nothing like Biggs and Featherbelle. I have enjoyed your soaps and lip balms. I love the packaging too. I love everything about Biggs and Featherbelle !!! Thank you very much."
- Marie, France

"I have been faithful to B&F products for almost 2 years now. I use the soap and lip balms daily but my favorite product is the Belly Balm. For me the Belly Balm is like Windex in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding - it cures and heals ALL! Although I have never be pregnant I use this product daily - it is great for scars, dry skin and your heels in between pedicures. I could write all day about these products and the sister who make them, simply I just LOVE them!"
- Melissa, Maryland

"My friend in N.Y. sent me three minis for my birthday. One of them was the bark soap. Now...my boyfriend is the pickiest person when it comes to scents and the bark he fell in love with! So after that little one went away, he went on-line and ordered 3 more! He was proud to find out that Biggs and Featherbelle are also from Maryland as that is his homestate. So, we have gone through 5 bars so far. I want to try the others, but Nate loves the BARK."
- Yumi

"I love your products. They are not only wonderful to use, but the packaging is adorable. My husband no longer uses supermarket bought soap because of you guys!"
- Maria Lee, NJ

"I used the Belly Balm throughout my pregnancy, and am very happy to report that I have NO stretch marks! The fragrance was pleasing on my extra sensitive nose, and the balm sank right into my ever expanding belly every morning. Thank you for thinking of the mommies-to-be, and providing a product that is safe, effective, and easy to use. Keep up the great work!"
- Jen, MD

Your products are awesome! Your body butter bars keep my tattoos looking vibrant AND keep them protected! I dont have to worry about my colors looking faded and ashy! Plus, I never have to worry about having dry skin anymore!
Also-- I want to thank you for making Soul Kiss Lip Balm. I am a little of a lip balm freak -- and when I got yours I was happily surprised that it felt moisturizing without that Vaseline feel that all my other ones would leave on my lips! I can't tell you how great it is to have one that I can just wear without having half of it slide onto my teeth!
Thanks for being awesome."
- Lindsay

"Your soaps are terrific! I especially love Candy Bar. It is great for my dry, irritable skin and smells good too. Thanks!"
- Allison Kolody, DE

"I can't get enough of this stuff! The lip balm is my FAVORITE!!! I will never use another brand!!
Thanks Ladies! Great Products!"
- Cori Abate, MD

"I have been using your soap for about 6 months and I love it. I won't buy anything else. I tell everyone about your soap. "
- Mandi Hariton, MD

"I just bought your massage bar at the Westfield Craft show - the sensitive skin one- I love it! It is so nice so massaging and doesn't leave any scent behind - great for a man. I had a sensitive skin flair up from a jacuzzi and I rubbed some on and the irritation was gone instantly - just love it!"
- Melissa, NY

"My sister introduced me to your soaps and I love them. I have given soaps and lip balms as gifts, and my friends have become loyal customers as well."
- Bridget, MD

"I would like to express how much I LOVE using the products that I have tried by Biggs & Featherbelle. After having a recent surgery on my knee, I used the Achy Muscles massage bar, because behind my knee was so stiff and I had instant relief! The next thing I used was the Relaxing Bar and it was oh so soothing! I even took it in to my surgeon to brag to him how wonderfully rewarding they were to me using your products!! I love your bath soaps and bath soaks! My whole bathroom is aromatic for days after using your bath soaks!"
- Margie, MD

"I am always searching for perfect lip balms, and this weekend i went to the visionary arts museum in baltimore and bought soul kiss in the museum store. i never use solid soaps as my skin is very dry, but the citrusy soap smelled so good that i bought that, too. WOW. your products are incredible! i love the feel & smell of soul kiss, and the soap bar is so good for dry skin. i'm amazed. i immediately bought a whole bunch of stuff from your web site to give as christmas presents, so others can enjoy these delightful soaps & balms! i also plan on buying more for myself. i'm really hoping you guys develop some lotions and-- please!-- cosmetics. i am also really happy to see that this is a small, family-run business-- and to read how much thought goes into your products. ALSO the packaging is so lovely. i really feel happy and healthy using biggs & featherbelle and am just thrilled to support such a great business. thank you!!"
- Jocelyn, MD

"Anytime I want to give a gift that is both eclectic, stylish, and earth-friendly - I always think of your soaps.  You've made weddings and holidays so much easier."
- Fred Jorgensen, MD

"I love your Body Butter Bars! I am a red head with sensitive skin and your Body Butter Bars keep my skin silky smooth without irritating my skin! Thank you for creating them."
- Susan Guerino, MD

"The soaps are fantastic! I have given some to friends and they all come back and rave about it! The Handle Bar rocks! Thanks!!"

"These are the greatest soaps, Body Butter Bars, and lip balms ever made! I recommend them to all of my friends and family and all of my gift shopping is done buying these products! And when you see these products, you can definitly tell that these girls both have very artistic backgrounds. For any type of skin, Biggs and Featherbelle are the absolute greatest!"
- Shannon, MD

"amazing stuff!!!!!!! SO soothing and well made. Everyone must order lots!!!"
- Nina, OH